World Water Week in Stockholm, August 28th–September 2, 2016

From August 28th-September 2nd, 2016, GIWEH will attend the World Water Week 2016, taking place in Stockholm and organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). Discussions will mainly be about the Water for Sustainable Growth and focus on global water issues.
The previous year, the event has counted up more than 3,300 individuals and 300 international organizations.

GIWEH is looking forward to this event where the organization will be active in numerous ways.. As a member of the Swiss Water Partnership, GIWEH will co-organize and contribute to the Swiss Booth and present its flagship project. As the vice-chair of the Special Committee on Knowledge Base and Dissemination and a member of Asia Water Council (AWC), GIWEH will promote and present the AWC's Knowledge Base and Dissemination special committee’s PFI (Priority for Implementation), “Asia Dynamic Hub For Water: the Power of Information.” Finally, in preparation of the 8th World Water Forum (to be held in Brazil in 2018), GIWEH, a member of the Citizen’s Forum Committee, will introduce and promote the Citizen’s Forum and its activities in order to engage the civil society in the preparation of the event.

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