''Leadership for Positive Change''
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Over the course of GIWEH’s activity, we have :

Learned from our experiences and past projectsadapted our strategies to the current global water needs and conditions, and grown to increase our capacity to make significant impacts on water issues.

Through our completed projects, GIWEH has developed a broad skill set to address water management issues.

In 2015, GIWEH began its Flagship Project “Support the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda” that creates a guiding framework and monitoring system for efficient water management. Under that framework, GIWEH analyses the conditions within a targeted area, and tailors the guidelines of the Flagship Project to meet the specific needs of each case.

All the while, we continue to work on Continuous Projects such as the ICWRE conference, Water Award, and internship program, which promote ongoing knowledge dissemination and highlight cutting-edge innovation in the field of water and environment.




Strategic Projects
Flagship Project
Nepal Water Knowledge Hub
Water for Rural Development in Tunisia
GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Water Map
Monitoring Freshwater in Kenya
Continuous Projects
International Conference on Water Resources and Environment
GIWEH's Water Award
International Collaborations
Internship and Summer Course
Completed Projects
Safe Water for Palestine 2007
Water for Peace 2008
Sustainable Water Use: Leadership for Positive Change
Green Growth
Women and Youth Leadership Programs
Four Rivers Restoration Project
Water-Food-Energy Nexus
Water Governance and Integrated Water Resource Management in Water-Scarce Regions