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Water Governance and Integrated Water Resource Management in Water-Scarce Regions

As part of its contribution to the Post-2015 Development Agenda’s Water Goal, GIWEH initiated its project Water Governance and Integrated Water Resources Management in Water-Scarce Regions. This project was based on GIWEH’s previous and current project experiences in the Middle East and Africa, including its work with the OECD Water Governance Initiative and the Water-Food-Energy Nexus. Through this project, GIWEH worked as a consultant, focusing on the enhanced role of governance and targeting vulnerable populations such as rural areas, youth, and women, who bear the brunt of water scarcity.

To enable the amelioration of conditions in water-scarce regions, particularly for the three target groups, GIWEH undertook a multi-faceted approach comprised of four elements: education and research, capacity building, technology transfer, and knowledge translation. These elements were tailored to the specific needs of each case in order to promote good water governance and IWRM.

Through this project, GIWEH aided in the improvement of water management in three locations:

1. Water Governance in the Great Lakes Region, 2009 and 2012

2. Water Governance in the Middle East 2009, 2013

3. Water Governance in the Caucasus 2012, Armenia 2013 Georgia

For more information on each case and its outcomes, see the official reports below.

This project launched the idea for the Flagship Project, which began in 2015 and continues today. As GIWEH learned from past projects to develop the Water Governance and Integrated Water Resource Management in Water-Scare Regions project, GIWEH further built upon this insight to develop the Flagship Project. Thus, GIWEH’s Flagship Project provides a general set of guidelines for good water management, which we tailor to meet the specific needs of each area in which we work (for further information, see the Flagship Project page under our “Strategic Projects”). GIWEH continues to learn and grow from its experiences, and updates its strategies to remain on the cutting-edge of water management.