''Leadership for Positive Change''
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Women and Youth Leadership Programs

The Women and Youth Leadership Program was organized in collaboration with the University of Geneva, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), Fez University and the Faculté des science semlalia Marrakech at the Cadi Ayyad University in Morocco, and Birmingham University in the United Kingdom. The program focused on water and environmental issues with an innovative multidisciplinary approach aimed at advancing excellence in water sciences. The purpose of this program was to attract and involve women and youth in issues surrounding water, and to contribute to their knowledge of main water issues through hands-on training. The program promoted the understanding of issues such as climate change, population growth, water scarcity, water contamination, food security, and the health impacts of these issues.

The Women and Youth Leadership Program held two sessions: a symposium session at the International Center of Conferences in Geneva, Switzerland, and a workshop session with Cadi Ayyad University at the Atlas Asni Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco. Both sessions hosted over 30 women and youth. The session in Geneva discussed the role of youth in water and climate change and made a road map for youth involvement in the development process. The session in Morocco focused discussion around the Millennium Development Goals, Integrated Water Resources Management, and the relationship between climate change and youth. These themes overlapped with the themes for GIWEH’s International Conference on Water Resources and Environment (ICWRE), “Water and Environment in a Changing World.” Therefore, the participants of the Women and Youth Leadership Program were invited to join the conference, as well.