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Water-Food-Energy Nexus

During 2013, GIWEH focused its efforts on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus, identifying solutions and best practices that address the interdependence of water, food, and energy. Through this theme, GIWEH worked with actors such as WIPO, IRENA, and Cambridge University to bridge the gap between research and policy, promote integrated strategies and policies, develop innovative solutions, and support the integration of all levels of actors to contribute to the nexus approach. Through GIWEH’s extensive research on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus, GIWEH was able to bring solutions to the Middle East region. Topics included:

  • Solidifying the concept’s definition
  • ntegrating renewable energy into desalination and wastewater treatment, and improving efficiency within these technologies
  • Integrating human health within the nexus, and exploring how to promote the nexus for human security
  • Creating a technology database, which WIPO currently possesses
  • Identifying the role of technology within the nexus

In conjunction, GIWEH’s 2013 International Conference on Water Resources and the Environment (ICWRE) was focused around the Water-Food-Energy Nexus. 187 scientists, academics, government officials, and NGO representatives gave presentations and discussions centered around the Nexus, specifically in relation to water security, water quality concerns, water recycling and reuse, new technologies, and water governance. Those discussions led to a series of recommendations concerning integration, economics, cooperation, education, and international organizations. To see the full list of recommendations and to learn more about the ICWRE, see the ICWRE page under our “Continuous Projects.”