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Tuesday , December 12 2017
GIWEH PPP- Public Private Partnership,Thurgau- Switzerland

GIWEH highlighted the Public Private Partnership as one of the main priority for its strategic plan between 2016 and 2020. GIWEH aims to build strategic relations with private companies that provide technology on the field.

During a meeting in Frauenfeld, Switzerland that included the private sector, GIWEH and investors, all the parties agreed to adopt a three way collaboration model among them, that would first focus on the water desalination plants project in Mombasa, Kenya.

A follow up meeting was held in Switzerland Zurich early September. It emphasized : 

1.     The development of a structure for commercial success to be shared internally.

2.     A formal collaboration between GIWEH and AquaSwiss to be made and announced at a Worldwide forum.

3.     The program of activities between all parties to be agreed on.