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Monday , January 08 2018
GIWEH at the UN Water - Global Workshop for integrated monitoring of Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water and sanitation

Through the kind invitation and collaboration with UN Water, GIWEH participated at the Global Workshop for Integrated Monitoring of SDG 6 on water and sanitation in the Hague. More than 30 countries were present and they reported their experiences in implementing and measuring progress on sustainable development goal no. 6 on water and sanitation. Also, 8 UN agencies reported their experiences in collecting the data at global level for each target in this goal. 

The agenda for the workshop consisted of:

1.     Exchange of experiences from baseline data collection at country level with a specific focus on:

  •  Institutional structures and processes
  •  The analysis and use of data
  •  Integration across the various SDG6 targets
  •  Sustainability of monitoring efforts

2.     Feedback on the global compilation of baseline data by UN custodian agencies

3.     Feedback and awareness raising on synthesized SDG 6 monitoring and alignment between country, regional and global reporting efforts;

4.     Fostering of communities of practice for SDG 6 monitoring

5.     Awareness raising for country engagement in global monitoring

6.     Advice for priorities for the next phase of UN Water’s Integrated Monitoring Initiative