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Tuesday , September 09 2014
World Water Week 2014 in Stockholm – A review

GIWEH attended World Water Week: Energy and Water in Stockholm from 31 August to 5 September 2014. It was a successful week of addressing the world’s water, development and sustainability issues. The Week attracted over 2,500 participants and 200 collaborating organisations from around 130 countries.

The seminar prepared by the convening Swiss Water Partnership (SWP) and its co-convenors, including GIWEH, presented a series of advanced Swiss solutions to achieve water and energy security. This seminar, “Tackling trade-offs between water and energy across sectors and scales”, critically discussed Tanzania and the Middle East and the potential for scaling up.

In addition, there was the SWP booth in the exhibition hall that was co-owned by GIWEH and nine other SWP members. Here GIWEH was able to share current and future activities with participants and delegates.

Tackling trade-offs between water and energy across sectors and scales,
The powerpoint presentation is available here: GIWEH’s Booth Presentation