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Tuesday , July 17 2018
WECC 2018: International Conference on "Water, Environment and Climate Change: Knowledge Sharing and Partnership", Nepal

In April 2018, General Director of GIWEH Dr. Nidal Salim was invited to the International Conference of Water, Environment and Climate Change (WECC) in Kathmandu, Nepal to participate in the final panel discussion on Water and Climate Change leading to the 11 resolutions of the final declaration. Dr. Salim also acted as a panel speaker on the subject of sustainable water resources development in Asia, alongside Park Won Cheol of K-Water, Ram Deep Sah of SOPHEN, Seong Han Kim of AWC, and Mukand S. Babel, Prof. of AIT

The two-day event brought together more than 700 experts and professionals from around the world to address pressing water issues through discussion, knowledge sharing and cooperation.

 The event led to a memorandum of understanding signed by GIWEH.