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Tuesday , December 04 2018
GIWEH SDG 6 Policy Series

The first paper in our upcoming series on SDG 6 has been completed by our own Dr Tobias Schmitz and his team (seen in the picture above). The intention is to produce a series of these which focus on different aspects of SDG 6 from a field perspective.



This policy note is the first in a series analysing the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6: ensure access to water and sanitation for all. This series was initiated by Dr. Tobias Schmitz of the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH) to contribute to a community of practice reviewing the relationship between the theoretical aims of the SDG framework and its practical implementation. It is our conviction that case studies help to shed light on key themes related to the monitoring of SDG 6, and help to link local practices to national, regional and global monitoring. We would like to contribute to a community of practice amongst practitioners, enabling the exchange of insights to support the SDG 6 agenda. To this end we extend an open invitation to all those who see this as a useful initiative to come forward and engage, suggest topics of interest, share experiences and highlight remaining challenges as the agenda 2030 is being implemented.


You will find the full report in downloadable form below, or under "Publications>Reports>Thematic Reports".

Click here to download the file.