''Leadership for Positive Change''
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Wednesday , March 16 2016
Professional Capacity Building Program by GIWEH at the Graduate Institute Geneva

Since the beginning of 2016, GIWEH has created, organized, and held three capacity building programs at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. These programs are a continuation of capacity building programs, defined as “Leadership for Positive Change,” which were started in 2009. The first two programs, held in January and February, were geared toward participants within the Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices (DPP) Program at the Graduate Institute of Geneva.
The first course, on January 19, GIWEH held a capacity building program titled Water Governance and Water Security. This event was oriented to civil servants and professionals from Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America.

The second course, on February 15, GIWEH held another program on Water Governance and Water Security. Participants came from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and the Caucasian region.

The third capacity building program, held on March 15, was titled Water Multidisciplinary Perspective. This program provides professionals with the opportunity to obtain an Executive Certificate in Environmental Governance, Module 3. This session focused on the multidisciplinary point of water and its interactions with human security. Participants came from prominent positions within NGOs, research organizations, governments, and the private sector.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, please click on the Graduate Institute Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices (DPP)