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Thursday , September 15 2016
The International Committee for the Citizen Process of the 8th World Water Forum meets with President of World Water Council, Beneditto Braga

The Citizen’s Process International Committee, responsible for planning the activities of the Citizen's Process of the 8th World Water Forum, organized a meeting at the Swiss Booth during the Stockholm World Water Week with Prof. Benedito Braga, President of the World Water Council, and Mr. Tom Soo, Executive Director. The detailed discussion evolved around the overall organization of the 8th World Water Forum. It was decided to continue the planning during the Budapest Water Summit in December 2016. GIWEH is looking forward to the next steps and further coordination to make the upcoming, biggest world water-related event a great success.

Note : Imane Abd El Al, vice-chair of the Citizen’s Process International Committee was unfortunately not able to attend the event but her interest were represented.

On the photo you can find from the left to the right : Dr. Nidal Salim (Director General and founder of GIWEH), Ms. Lesha Witmer (Co-founder and Steering Committee member of Women for Water Partnership), Prof. Benedito Braga (President of the World Water Council), Asma Bachikh (President of World Youth Parliament for Water), Ms.Marguerite Lançon (Program Manager of GIWEH) and Mr. Tom Soo (Executive Director)