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Thursday , October 27 2016
Panel Discussion on Policy and Strategy at KIWW

GIWEH’s General Director, Dr. Nidal Salim was invited as a panellist during Korea International Water Week’s (KIWW) thematic session: “Policy and strategies for sustainable water management”, on Friday, October 21st 2016.

This session brought together water experts to present how well-designed governance and water policy can play a crucial role in merging their needs and drawing performance without inflicting conflicts driven by the complexity of water sector.
The panel discussion gathered participants from academia, the OECD, government agencies, Asia Development Bank and NGOs to explore what are the barriers and mechanism for successful governance and policy in the water sector. During this discussion, Dr. Nidal Salim, as a panellist, highlighted the role of NGOs and academia in shaping governance. As an NGO, GIWEH works with both the academia and governments to identify gaps in policies and how to overcome them. Moreover, Dr. Salim emphasized the importance of knowledge dissemination and institutional framework to bridge stakeholders together and support good governance.