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GIWEH Workshop for Youth in MENA Region
Start Date: July 23 2017 ..... End Date: July 26 2017
GIWEH will hold a workshop in Geneva hosting delegated from MENA region to develop and discuss future activities for youth in the MENA region as a preparatory session for the Arab Water Council. ... Read More
Geneva Human Rights Council
Start Date: June 05 2017 ..... End Date: June 23 2017
GIWEH will be participating in the Geneva Human Rights Council as part of our programme of Water for Human Rights, being developed in the Arab countries. GIWEH is looking forward to participate ... Read More
SAVE THE DATE ! Join us for our side-event “Water for the Refugees” at the 4th IIWF – Istanbul
Start Date: May 09 2017 ..... End Date: May 11 2017
In preparation of the 8th World Water Forum in Brazil and as part of panel 3 Getting the Best Out of Water Relief Actions: Case Studies and the Legal Basis of the 4th Istanbul International Water ... Read More
The 8th World Water Forum 2nd kick-off meeting in Brazil
Start Date: April 24 2017 ..... End Date: April 25 2017
The 2nd kick-off meeting of the 8th World Water Forum 2017 has been announced to take place from April 24th-25th 2017 in Brasilia, Brazil. As a member of the International Steering Committee of ... Read More
The 4th Board of Council meeting of Asia Water Council
Start Date: March 31 2017 ..... End Date: April 01 2017
The 4th Board of Council meeting of Asia Water Council will be held from March 31st to April 1st, 2017 in Beijing, China. Hosted by the Ministry of Water Resources of China (MWR), China Institute ... Read More
Mediterranean Water Heroes Youth Contest
Start Date: March 21 2017 ..... End Date: March 22 2017
GIWEH is happy to be nominated as an expert and key-note speaker at the World Water Day Youth Innovating with Wastewater for a Sustainable Mediterranean. More specifically, GIWEH will take an ... Read More
International Women’s Day
Start Date: March 08 2017 ..... End Date: March 06 2017
In some countries, women have to walk miles to find water and carry heavy burdens, wait for hours and pay exorbitant prices. GIWEH supports women and equitable access to water for all and will ... Read More
International Conference on Human Rights approach to conflict situations in the Arab region
Start Date: February 20 2017 ..... End Date: February 21 2017
From February 20-21st, 2017, Dr. Nidal Salim, Director General of GIWEH will participate to the International Conference on Human Rights approach to conflict situations in the Arab region. The ... Read More
Youth leadership program for the Nile Basin Countries
Start Date: February 19 2017 ..... End Date: February 28 2017
From February 19th-30th, 2017, the Institute for Research and Strategic Studies of Nile Basin Countries of Fayoum University will be organizing a Youth Leadership Program for the Nile Basin ... Read More
Swiss Water Partnership Steering Board Retreat
Start Date: January 30 2017 ..... End Date: January 31 2017
As a member and a member of the Steering Board, GIWEH will be pleased to take part in the Swiss Water Partnership Steering Board Retreat from January 30-31st , 2017. ... Read More
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