''Leadership for Positive Change''
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Supporting Team
Johanne Ngouegne Okouma
Geoscience Engineer

Johanne is finishing her degree at the University of Grenoble in Geosciences. Passionate about GIS, she had previously worked in this area, participating in a research project at Is Terre Laboratory of Grenoble. She joined GIWEH in the GIS center in contribution to its new water resources monitoring project, to develop databases and interactive maps that will be available on our web platform upon completion of the project.

Iskander Fattoum
Geoscience Engineer

Iskander is a Geoscience Engineer. He is currently studying in a professional master's degree program in Geoscience, “Exploration and Risks,” and will be graduating this year (2016) from the University of Grenoble. Throughout his professional experience with different international companies, Iskander has accumulated many skills in Geology/Geophysics/GIS applied to natural resources (oil, gas, water, et cetera). He joined GIWEH to contribute to the creation of a GIS database, supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the UN. He focuses on the Arab region, especially Tunisia.

Tariq Al-Ali
Senior Website Developer

Tariq Al-Ali is the Website Senior Website Developer for GIWEH’s IT department. Tariq earned his bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at Applied Science University in Jordan. He has extensive programming and IT management experience, including 11 years working in IT. He maintains our website’s functionality and updates it to reflect our latest work. Tariq has worked for GIWEH since 2012, and is currently contributing remotely from Jordan.