''Leadership for Positive Change''
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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision:

"To empower the most vulnerable societies to be able to live in a healthy environment with sustainable quantities of high-quality water."

Our Mission:

 "To provide societies, individuals, and institutions with educational, research, technical, and scientific support to realize the effective and sustainable use and management of water."

Our Values:

International:                        We cooperate across borders, sharing knowledge and technology transfer with colleagues and partners around the world.
Creativity & Innovation:       We encourage a creative mindset in our organizational culture and we foster innovative ideas that will lead to better results. 
Integrity:                                We ensure transparency and accountability in the manner in which our projects and programs are developed and managed.
Professionalism:                    We aim for quality in what we do, seeking ways to improve on our performance and are guided by evidence-based scientific research.
Excellence:                             We strive to be better than good, and add value through innovative initiatives and activities.
Diplomacy:                             We strive to find win-win solutions and promote peace through water diplomacy, particularly in fragile states and water-scarce regions.