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Upcoming Events
GIWEH at the 4th Arab Water Forum / Arab League, Cairo - Egypt
Start Date: November 26 2017 ..... End Date: November 29 2017
GIWEH will join the 4th Arab Water Forum which will be in Cairo- Egypt from 26 29 November 2017. GIWEH will participate and support actively the sessions of the 4th Arab Water Forum. GIWEH as ... Read More
GIWEH at UN Water Workshop on SDG 6
Start Date: November 21 2017 ..... End Date: November 23 2017
As a collaborator of UN-Water, GIWEH is invited to join the first global workshop on SDG 6 integrated monitoring, which will take place from 21 to 23 November 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands. ... Read More
Start Date: November 06 2017 ..... End Date: November 17 2017
Since 2015, COP21 in Paris, GIWEH used to participate at the UNFCC meetings. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP 23 will be held this year in Bonn- Germany from 6 TO 17 ... Read More
GIWEH at the WWC BoG 63 Marseille, France 3-4 Novembre 2017
Start Date: November 03 2017 ..... End Date: November 04 2017
As a member of the World Water Council (WWC), GIWEH will participate at the World Water Council, 63rd Board of Governors Meeting which will be held on Marseille, France 3*-4 November 2017. ... Read More
8 th World Water Forum
Start Date: October 01 2017 ..... End Date: October 03 2017
GIWEH is happy to be a nominated member of the Citizen Process Committee of the biggest water-related event, the World Water Forum , 2018. This global Forum aims at contributing in the dialogue ... Read More
Asia International Water Week (AIWW)
Start Date: September 20 2017 ..... End Date: September 23 2017
Asia International WaterWeek (AIWW) will beheld in September 20-23 ofthisyear in Gyeongju in Gyeongsangbuk. The AIWW seeks tangible outputs to solve water challenges worldwide. It promotes ... Read More
Korea International Water Week 2017 (KIWW)
Start Date: September 20 2017 ..... End Date: September 23 2017
GIWEH is at the advisory board of the Korea International Water Week , and event taking place in Gyeongju (Korea) from 20 -23 September 2017. GIWEH will also be intervening as a speaker and is ... Read More
GIWEH: Champions for Ecosystems!
Start Date: September 20 2017 ..... End Date: September 23 2017
GIWEH is honored to be the Champion for Ecosystems at the Asia International Water Week (AIWW) which will be held in Gyeongju, Korea between 20-23 September2017. GIWEH will develop the theme Water ... Read More
GIWEH Workshop for Youth in MENA Region
Start Date: July 23 2017 ..... End Date: July 26 2017
GIWEH will hold a workshop in Geneva hosting delegated from MENA region to develop and discuss future activities for youth in the MENA region as a preparatory session for the Arab Water Council. ... Read More
Geneva Human Rights Council
Start Date: June 05 2017 ..... End Date: June 23 2017
GIWEH will be participating in the Geneva Human Rights Council as part of our programme of Water for Human Rights, being developed in the Arab countries. GIWEH is looking forward to participate ... Read More
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