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Each year young specialists with diverse backgrounds from all over the world participate in the GIWEH Internship Program.

Our internship program can be a gateway to future careers, since it provides opportunities for international exposure and working in a conducive environment. As an intern you will become part of our network and will receive assistance from your supervisor and a team of international experts. An internship will also give you opportunity to become more familiar with the UN and other international organizations located in Geneva. This is a competitive position and we can only take 5-7 interns throughout the year. Please contact us at for more information.

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As an Intern you will have the opportunity to:

- Learn through practice about water, environment, and health issues by visiting different international organizations and communicating with their representatives;

- Participate in scientific work by conducting or reviewing research and participating in international conferences;
become familiar with UN structure and its work as well as participating in different events there.

NOTE: If you wish to get international experience and training at GIWEH, you might be interested in enrolling in our "Hands on Training on Water and Environmental Governance" for 2 months in Geneva. For more information please visit our Capacity Building Trainings Program Page here.





    “ I had the opportunity to work as an intern with GIWEH for three months. Interested in global environmental issues and in international cooperation, I naturally turned to the work performed by an NGO in order to extend my knowledge and skill on this topic. Working for GIWEH is a great experience since the organization is young and small. Everyone work together and know each other in a stimulating environment. By helping GIWEH to develop its goals for the post-2015 strategy, I could strengthen my knowledge on water issues around the world, such as water scarcity in vulnerable regions. In addition, I realized how crucial it is for an NGO to spend time on its fundraising activities: it is actually the most important part since without funds and partners, a small NGO is hardly able to subsist.

This internship gave me the occasion to be more familiar with the realities that a small international organization has to face in daily life, while being at the heart of a key international center, Geneva.  I thank M. Salim for letting me the chance to be part of GIWEH team and for having fulfilled its mentor’s role. 





    “ I had the opportunity to make my internship within GIWEH during three months. Coming from a legal background, I didn’t have any knowledge about water and its development from a scientific point of view. Therefore, I helped Nidal Salim to reorganize the former missions made by the NGO. Thus, I learnt a lot about water management.

Also, I helped to develop the NGO’s post-2015 strategy conducting research and data analyses about water management, security and sustainability in Africa and Middle East. Furthermore, I helped with the fundraising of the NGO’s projects. It was a great adventure because I learnt a lot from the whole team. As, the team was small; there was a real proximity and good exchanges.  I developed many skills such as management or research.

Thanks to the NGO, I attended the 16th  (from 1 to 4 September) session of Working Group on the right to development, Human rights council, United Nations. It was a rewarding experience. I would like to thank GIWEH for trusting me. All along the internship, Nidal Salim advised me in the different tasks that I had to achieve and he was a good mentor for explaining the projects.



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